Cons of Owning UK Electric Cars

Cons of Owning UK Electric Cars

Recently, we wrote an article about the benefits of driving an UK electric cars. Electric cars have been an excellent addition to the world and have gone a long way to giving the green-minded ones of us, a bit of hope for the future of the planet once again. However, they are not all sunshine & rainbows – you need to be aware of some rather specific issues that can arise from driving an electric car, including;

It’s Not “Here” Yet

One thing you need to think about is the fact that whilst UK electric cars seem like something in the future, they are technically still in the future at the moment. There is a lot of uncertainty about using these cars, and as we mention below, the cost of using an electric car can be quite massive. This means that the majority of us would struggle to afford one, making the technology itself a little pointless – how can it make a difference if only those who are doing well can afford one?

There’s also no long-term guarantee that UK electric cars will make it in the long-term interests of the industry. There’s nothing to say that they are going to die out, but in a decades time UK electric cars might have been replaced by something else entirely. Technology moves fast and this can leave you at a big disadvantage if you sink all of your money into a long-term purchase, only to watch it fall flat right in front of you and be replaced by something even better!

Limited Distance

You will typically cover around 60 miles of distance when driving typical UK electric cars at motorway speed; this will run through your juice very fast, though. This is a big problem and will typically mean that you can’t get to where you are going without having to stop at one of the – albeit many – charging stations in your city. Whilst going at around 30-40mph will give you roughly 120 miles, you might want to go elsewhere for now if you are going to be making long and arduous drives with regularity.

Tax Credit Downsides

In the other article, we mentioned how useful it is to have tax credits coming into your pocket for buying this kind of car. However, you will notice that the cost of repairs and general upkeep of UK electric cars be quite staggering in comparison with your normal car. This can mean that those extra pennies you are being provided will be gobbled up fairly quickly if you are someone who drives almost everywhere.

A UK electric cars battery change alone could leave you with almost all of that gone right away. Bottomline, you need to be prepared for the big costs of taking on  UK electric cars.

To health and vehicle happiness

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